Spanning over 8000 square feet and two floors high, it’s not too difficult trying to locate Sky Palace, as it takes up half a row along One City. On the ground floor, you’ll see a rather small aquarium display which showcases some of the live seafood that mainly consists of groupers and lobsters, and further up you’ll see a massive banquet hall perfect for family reunions or weddings. The banquet hall can also be split up to hold a much smaller reception or hold two separate events at once.

Upstairs, you will find a commons’ room, where most people will gather around to have their exquisite meals, decorated with beautiful Chinese water colour art on its walls and even a panel with different ingredients and their Mandarin pronunciations. Glass chandeliers hang from the ceiling above to provide a warm atmosphere. A total of six VIP rooms are available for booking for private events, each one can hold from ten to thirty people, and completely fitted with a karaoke system.

As for food, you don’t have to worry about quality since the chef who is preparing it is not only a member in not one, but three major culinary groups around the world, but also won several awards internationally for the past four years. The menu is quite extensive, spanning over 50 pages long. But there is also a simplified version which highlights the bestsellers and customer’s favourites. Each and every one of them uses an exotic and rare ingredient such as shark bone, South African Abalone, and other high-grade ingredients.

The Double Boiled Superior Shark’s Fin Soup is boiled in a stone pot to keep it warm for prolonged periods of time, and has been boiled twice to make the broth more flavourful and is served alongside with a large piece of scallop, crab meat and roe. The Baked Cod Fish in Mango Sauce focuses more on sweetness by baking the Cod in a Red Wine-based glaze, which gives the fish sweetness while keeping it tender and juicy. It is stacked on top of a fluffy egg to absorb the juices and dressed in a special mango sauce for added tanginess to the dish.

Next, Sky Palace’s signature Fried Iberico Ribs in Red Wine Sauce is a singular rib from the Black Iberico Pig, which is the most expensive type of pork. It is cooked with a red wine glaze for sweetness on the wok until tender and served alongside with some bitter greens. The Rich Man’s Fried Rice is a scoop of fried rice served in a stone pot that is positioned above a candle to keep warm. Containing vegetables and topped off with chicken floss to enhance sweetness and chicken flavor.