With 20 years of delegacy, Shi Yue Tian has a reason why it is still around up until today. Every other restaurant might be offering claypot chicken rice, but if you are a fussy eater, you should consider coming to this place for an authentic claypot chicken rice experience. This is just a kopitiam that offers very good quality food. You might not want to expect too much, ambience-wise.


What makes this place special? Shi Yue Tian claypot rice is prepared with traditional clay charcoal stoves rather than the ordinary gas burners. The delightful scents from the ingredients and gravy are gently cooked to perfection and potted inside the claypot with low fired heat of charcoal stove. When the dish is delivered to you, you can smell the aroma of the salted fish and it is loaded with a lot of ingredients.


The sizzling sound of the rice soaked with the homemade special sauce will make you eager to taste the food. Filled with Chinese sausages, chunks of chicken, ginger paste, salted fish, and spring onions, this pot of chicken rice will surely make your hungry tummy happy.


As you might already know, all claypot chicken rice restaurant serve steamed soups. This kopitiam was no exception. They offer 12 variety of double boiled soups - Watercress Soup, Pork Belly Soup, Old Cucumber Soup, Pickles Tofu Soup, and many more. The soups are all quite flavourful and warm. With the price you are paying, it can be considered as above average as it was overflowing with ingredients that enhance the flavours.


This place is definitely a good benchmark for delicious claypot chicken rice around. Plus, you won’t mind the waiting as good food takes time to be prepared. Affordable and comfort food with a dash of nostalgia ensured at Shi Yue Tian Claypot Chicken Rice Shop. 

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