Seoul Garden @ One Utama Petaling Jaya

Dubbed “The Table Barbeque People”, Seoul Garden has since garnered much attention with their fairly economical prices. Many have considered this a steal, which is no surprise as a buffet involving limitless amounts of meat really is irresistible. Having said that, Seoul Garden has proceeded to expand and has mushroomed all over the country; in major states like the Klang Valley, Putrajaya, Puchong, Shah Alam, Penang, Perak, Johor Bahru, and East Malaysia.

This buffet restaurant is skewed towards a very much simple, but quaint décor. The all so vibrant cutleries and bright interior of the place really just adds up to their identity. Having said that, you will definitely find yourself surrounded in a cosy environment, but of course, any place with food around you is cosy.

The concept at Seoul Garden is simple, with a steamboat grill embedded in each table, what goes in and on is only restricted by how much your stomach can endure. With various meats like their luscious beef, poultry, and lamb, you will swoon in euphoria. However, these treats do not just end here, knowing that the customers’ palate can never be satisfied; there are also plenty of marinated ingredients  from the more common Black Pepper and Curry to the more eclectic Bulgogi and Tom Yam. Your sight and tummy will get muddled up with the extensive choices here. 

Of course, one type of dish that is mandatory to be shined upon here in Seoul Garden is the fresh seafood as well. Displayed in an orderly fashion, chilled with ice, you are about to taste some top notch quality here. The sound of the ingredients sizzling on the grill is just a sensational feeling, as you pantomimed just how great it will taste on your taste buds eventually.

For those who prefer to have their ingredients cooked and boiled in various types of soup, rest assured that you will be taken care as well. The soup selection here is not to be brushed aside, as you are faced with killer choices like Chinese Herbs, Ginseng Chicken, Tom Yam, and Kimchi; all fully loaded with spices and herbs to ensure that there are no disappointments in the vicinity.

 Now, it’s never a complete buffet without drinks and desserts, and as such, you will be treated with bottomless servings of an assortment of beverages, from carbonated ones to fresh juices. For those who just can’t resist desserts, you can help yourself to scoops of ice cream too.

All in all, Seoul Garden is one restaurant you do not want to miss out on. After all, all second thoughts and guilt will be absolved once you have a taste.