Jalan Meru can be one of the most happening satay areas in Klang that you can find. Nonetheless, the most outstanding stall can be considered the one with the given name- Satay Family (more commonly known as Sate Famili). With another stall being set up in Saujana Utama, you can be certain they have the best satays in town.


Sate Famili has quite a straightforward menu where there are only a handful of meat to choose from: chicken (sate ayam), beef (sate daging), mutton (sate kambing), ‘intestines/ stomach’ (sate perut) and as well as ‘Lontong’; which is compressed rice cake wrapped in banana leaf. This place is famous not for the menu of delicious types of satay but on how their fleshy selections actually look like that make your mouths water. With a proportion of fatty layer that is just about enough for the juicy texture and perfectly combined with the soft and tender meat, the skewered delicacy has everybody ordering more than the normal amount just to experience the satisfaction of good grilled meat. The Satay Perut is only available during Fridays and Saturdays.

Even when they have announced the increment of the price of the satays, many are still going there for their daily satay intake because Sate Famili is still the cheapest amongst other stalls. It is quite a scene to watch because due to the overwhelming response from customers, they will usually barbecue about more than 100 sticks at once on a grilling pit!

Sate Famili now offers catering services for major events and also for any other functions like during the Raya season and etcetera. So if you want to impress your guests with good satay, you have the number to call and they will not disappoint you. They will even grill it live instead of sending you the amount that you have ordered.