Saigon Avenue is an authentic Vietnamese food restaurant that serves some of the most authentic dishes from Vietnam. This restaurant was opened to give their clients an opportunity to taste affordable and healthy food which is easily accessible. It was founded by a local Malaysian and Saigon native.

The recipes originates from Katy, the Saigon native, and the dishes which comprises of authentic Vietnamese dishes are home cooked. This restaurant was opened due to the owner’s love towards Vietnamese food and limited restaurants which caters for this in the Tropicana area, this allowed them to grab the opportunity to open this restaurant. 

It has been open since December 2018. They are open daily and provide lunch, dinner and tea set for their customers at the respective time of the day. They serve a variety of authentic, popular Vietnamese dishes with great dining ambience. They also provide a private dining experience in the upstairs area.

Some of their signature dishes include the Beef / Chicken Pho, Dry Vermicelli Noodles, and Bahn Mi (Baguette). The prices vary in the types of dishes, the food cost ranges from RM5 - RM19, drinks cost ranges from RM3 - RM10, and their Dessert vary from RM6 - RM9. 

The restaurant has 2 floors, with the 2nd floor catering to functions and it can cater up to 65 people comfortably. But the 1st floor can only hold up to 5 tables, catering up to 20 people. They cater to a variety of functions from family gatherings, corporate events, product launches and others. 

Stop by to have a taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, open daily from 11 a.m. - 9.30 p.m. for everyone to enjoy.