Established in 1987, Restoran Saguntala specializes in breakfast meals serving the neighborhood on a daily basis. They are located at Persiaran Raja Muda Musa Klang which allows office workers and local residents to easily access the establishment. Restoran Saguntala is famously known for their Idli and Rava Thosai which are simple, but utmost satisfying to eat.

There are three types of Idli you can enjoy which are the White Idli, Rava Idli (Yellow) and Ragi Idli (Brown). All of these are best eaten with curry where you can either dip into it or simply pour the curry onto the dish for an adventurous take! This savory cake is steamed and usually served with chutney in South India.  

This Indian restaurant also serves vegetarian dishes which is a great treat for those who are non meat eaters. In fact, these dishes are so delicious that they are some of the most sought after here at Saguntala. One of them is their Banana Leaf which will put a smile on your face with its hearty serving. Filled with a plethora of spices and flavours, it's almost compulsory to have this traditional dish with every visit you pay. Here's a little recommendation; their Mutton Curry is an amazing feat and addition to your meal.

The Banana Leaf at Saguntala is simply delicious and proves to be moderately spicy which is suitable for children and those who are less tolerable with their palate. Simply put, their curry is the pinnacle of well-balanced in terms of both flavours and texture. Keeping its richness and freshness, while preventing it from being too cloying.