Sabi Wasabi Japanese Restaurant Klang

Located a stone's throw away from Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, Klang, Sabi Wasabi Japanese restaurant provides locals and outsiders alike with Japanese dining experience like no other. From it's striking signature green color signboard, anyone will be hard-pressed to miss it if they are looking for this particular Japanese food joint. 

The interior, is quaintly furnished with oriental Japanese theme and while the environment is pleasing to the eyes, the food is even more so. Here in Sabi Wasabi Japanese restaurant, they hold true to the traditional ways of preparing authentic Japanese dishes: where culinary presentation meets exquisite taste and Sabi Wasabi delivers.

As far as their menu is concerned, Sabi Wasabi has all your standard Japanese items within their culinary dictionary. From sushi to sashimi, noodles to donburi (rice-bowl dishes), to salad and grilled dishes, Sabi Wasabi has them all within its grasp. 

But if you're asking for something unique, Sabi Wasabi does have something up its oriental sleeves. One of the restaurant's signature comes in a form of a Yee Sang dish, with an assortment of Japanese shredded vegetables and crackers topped with salmon slices, it has both a refreshing crunch -derived from the greens; as well as a smooth. soft and luxurious texture from the integrated salmon. The portion is rather big, so it can accommodate quite a few hungry mouths. Overall a must try.

You can also opt for their signature ramen, which is called Hakata Ramen. Self-made springy ramen accompanied by a Kyushu-styled pork-bone broth of white, cloudy but hearty consistency, along with generous amount of chashu (pork slices), fishcakes and half an egg, garnished with nori (Japanese dried seaweed), the ramen is one heck of a dish.

In a nut shell, Sabi Wasabi sports a whole lot of Japanese culinary delights guaranteed, so do give it a try whenever you are hungry, looking for food in the vicinity of Bukit Tinggi 2.

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