Rod Dee Ded is offering all beef lovers to enjoy shower beef and hot pot. I am pretty sure you are not familiar with the word Shower Beef. The main reason this restaurant was introduced in Malaysia is because the owner finds it difficult to find quality beef dishes here. Therefore, she decided to open a restaurant where beef lovers can get to eat beef which is tender and has good texture.

The soup selection available for hot pot are original soup and spicy soup which is also known as Thai Boat Noodle. The soup broth is beef based stew. It is boiled for 12 hours and they are made from original ingredients. The beef served in this restaurant is Australian beef. Therefore, the texture of each part of the beef is soft and the meats is served in full chunks.

What is Shower Beef? Shower Beef is a new method of eating sliced Australian Wagyu Beef. There are two types of selection of premium beef which are premium wagyu and prime wagyu. Marbling grade for premium wagyu is 4 to 5 whereas marbling grade for prime wagyu is 6 to 7. 

Let’s look at how to prepare shower beef. First, you have to place the beef into a tilt bowl, then gently scoop the broth and pour into the bowl at an angle. Secondly, add more broth but keep it away from the beef.  Lastly, shower the beef slowly by mixing and pouring the broth over it. Oysterblade, shortrib, striploin and rib-eye are the selection of parts available for shower beef. You are free to eat shower beef as ala carte or hot pot.



Not only that, you can also order ala carte and mix match with your preferred dishes to be added in the hot pot. For instance, meat ball, stewed brisket, stewed tendon and vegetables such as beancurd roll, mushroom platter, spinach, green onion, garlic leek, basil leaves and others.

If you prefer to eat their shower beef paired with either rice or noodles, you are welcome to order ala carte. This is because most of us will be satisfied only if we eat our meal with rice or noodles. There are varieties of noodles you can choose from such as jasmine rice, rice vermicelli, thai kuay tiew, ipoh kuay tiew and egg noodle for ala carte. The wagyu beef certified from halal suppliers is a hearty meal one can find in Uptown. You should definitely come and visit this restaurant.

Although they are specialised mainly on beef, their chicken dishes are also finger licking good. You will fall in love once you try them. You should definitely not miss out their all-time favourite dishes (beef & chicken) such as :

PAD KEE MAO - stir fried rice noodle with chili sauce, egg, basil, bell paper and meat. Meat choices are available in beef and chicken. So, it’s up to you to choose your meat preference. 

FRIED CHICKEN WING with sweet & sour dipping sauce


STEWED BRISKET – comes in claypot with steamed rice

MUA – noodle with spicy soup and meatball beef slices brisket tendon


Dessert :

THAILAND COCONUT ICE CREAM – with homemade roasted coconut flesh, coconut biscuit, premium peanut chunk, potato crackers

You should also try their fruit ice blended. They have few options such as Lemongrass Ice Blended, Soursop Ice Blended, Ambra Ice Blended, Mango Ice Blended and Thailand Coconut Shake. All their drinks are made purely from 100% fruit.

Rod Dee Ded will be open daily but they have two operating hours which are from 11am to 3.30pm, last order is accepted before 3pm and 6pm to 10.30pm, last order is accepted before 10pm during weekdays. They are open from 11am to 10.30pm during weekends.They have been operating for the past 5 months. Do visit them during weekdays to enjoy their free Thailand’s Signature Beverage with every main dish ordered. Their price range starts from RM13.80. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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