Restoran Yew Sing had been around for quite a while. Nestled in the hectic SS15, it is definitely the perfect place to have a satisfying meal if you don’t mind the chaotic scene. Like every other local coffee shops, you can order half-boiled eggs, toasted bread and coffee at a reasonable price. Besides, there are also a number of stalls that sell a variety of hawker fare. The wobbly plastic tables, yellow plastic chairs and rattling metal fans are a reminiscence of many patron’s childhood days, and many of them swear by the Wan Tan Mee and Char Kuey Teow there.

Their Wan Tan Mee is one of the most famous ones in the area. It comes with a choice of both thick and thin noodles, and you can also request a mixture of both. Both types of noodles are springy and devoid of any unpleasant alkali taste. Their char siew is tender with the perfect ratio of lean meat and fats, the sweet sauce complimenting perfectly with the savoury taste of the rest of the dish. Their wantan and sui kao (big dumplings) comes with a choice of pork or prawn meat. The skin is not too thick and the filling is tender and smooth.

Their Char Kuey Tiaw is also famed. Fried to perfection on strong fire, the noodles are golden brown and slightly charred. It comes with an ample amount of bean sprouts, eggs and jumbo prawns. Every mouthful will fill your taste buds with delight.