In Malaysia, it is highly doubt that things will go wrong with any of Thai dishes. Being a neighbouring country to Thailand, Malaysia loves them and whatever Thai joint that pops out will be a hit or at least it will be the talk of the week. Restoran Thai Tomyam Kung has established its name among the people in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, perhaps crowds from different parts too has heard of this name and with a definite thought that they would want to get a try on some. The place is often swarmed with people especially during peak hours such as lunch and dinner. Lunch hour would of course consist of the working crowds who would want to opt for some Thai lunch menu and dinner time is more often than not packed with families lining aside the long tables enjoying the dishes serve in front of them with kids’ laughter echoing the room.

Claiming to be serving the best, the famous tomyam kung seem to be a hit among patrons. Without a doubt a familiar dish, however it highlights most customers experience there. Getting a bowl of tomyam is easy but a good one requires a sweat or two and this place houses the best most probably. Other types of dishes are also worth to be tried such as their spicy fried squid, fried vegetables, and their selections of fish dishes usual to the folks who have been in Thai restaurants before and at a least a dish of sweet and sour seabass fish would be on the table – a definite authentic Thai dish one must say.