Restoran Teo Chew Moi (literally translating to Teo Chew Porridge in the Teo Chew dialect) is a Chinese restaurant that specialises in Teo Chew porridge and cuisine (as the name would imply).  Like most Teow Chew restaurants, there is more of a reliance on the freshness and quality of the ingredients used, while placing slightly less emphasis on flavourings compared to other forms of Chinese cuisine. Teo Chew Moi opened its doors to the public on June 2011 in IOI Boulevard, and have since garnered a wide consumer base that covers multiple states. Interiorly, it's pretty clean and cosy.

As most people would come to expect from a Teo Chew Porridge restaurant, there are many sides to be had with your bowl of congee. Some of these sides include stir fried french beans, braised vegetables such as mushrooms, lotus and Mui Choy, braised pork and duck, ikan bilis, fried fish, fried and salted eggs, BBQ pork, and stewed salted vegetables to name a few.

With all the sides available, the obvious standout among these has to be the otak-otak, which has regulars and newcomers of the restaurant coming back for more. There are also side dishes that work for slightly more adventurous eaters such as the braised pork innards. Another great thing to note is that all these side dishes can be enjoyed with a hot plate of white rice instead of just sticking to a bowl of porridge.

So there’s more than enough reason to suggest that Restoran Teo Chew Moi is the place to go get your Teo Chew porridge and rice fix. This restaurant more than delivers on the promise of fresh and hearty Chinese food.