Restoran Taman Rashna (Klang) Klang

Restoran Taman Rashna is a Chinese restaurant in Klang that serves varieties of much loved Chinese cuisines. As the usual Chinese restaurants go, the size of the establishment is big enough to fit a big number of people at a time, which also makes it a good place to have a wedding or a major gathering event. The interior still remained casual even thought the restaurant is a step up from the standard Chinese restaurants. The design is kept clean and easy, and the furniture is just enough on the side of comfort for customers to enjoy themselves without worrying about too much etiquette.

Restoran Taman Rashna is known for their array of delicious selection of dim sum to choose from. Dim Sum is a traditional meal usually related to the act of drinking tea. Served in a small portion of three to four individual serving at a time, its small amount would allow patrons to try a lot of different things.

Dim Sum comes in the normal fare of the usual dumplings, steamed or fried, bao’s with various fillings but usually pork, soups of every kind and consistency as well as some vegetables for the choosing. Popular choices include Siew Mai, Cha Siu Bao, Har Gow, and almost always with the addition of Chee Cheong Fun. Restoran Taman Rashna’s Chee Cheong Fun could also come with a choice of filling up to patrons’ preferences. Seafood are also sold here with various type of fish cooked in various styles, steamed or fried.

Restoran Taman Rashna is considered to some as the place with the best dim sum offering in Klang. While the price is understandably higher than open air dim sum establishments, experience is something that has no price. 

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