When it comes to Mamak restaurants, there are not really much to talk about. They are basically all the same in terms of menu and ambience. Nevertheless, there is one element that everyone is always looking forward to – the delicious taste of the dishes. Restoran Takbir Maju is a rather typical mamak joint located at Persiaran Saujana Puchong that offers a not so typical assortment of mamak delicacies, taste wise. The restaurants provide big and comfy chairs for their customers and patrons love to watch football games especially during the weekends. Compared to other similar eatery, this one can also be considered as hygienic.


Regulars love to order their Cheese Naan to pair with the delicious Chicken Tandoori. The bread comes in a large portion with a very fluffy texture. You can also taste a generous amount of cheese in between the thick slices of naan. Complete the dish with a plate of well-seasoned chicken tandoori that is perfectly cooked with a hint of lime zest. Yummy! Any curry fans here? Takbir Maju serves delightful and flavoursome curries that go very well with roti canai, rice, or even nasi kandar. Lamb, chicken, and fish curry are among the crowds’ favourite picks.


Apart from that, Maggi Goreng is always the go-to dish for late supper. The platter is seasoned perfectly with the adding of a few vegetables. If you would like some desserts after a greasy meal, they have it too! You can order a bowl of fruits topped with a scoop of ice cream, sago, and peanuts. Whether you want to come here to finish your assignments with their high-speed Wi-Fi, or hangout with friends while watching a football match, Takbir Maju is a nice place to hang out over delicious and cheap food.

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