Did you know that you can get a delicious plate of nasi briyani and nasi kandar in Shah Alam? Drive over to Seksyen 3, Shah Alam and stop by a restaurant named Restoran Syed Kadir to try for yourself one of the best nasi briyani and nasi kandar in town. Interior wise, seats can be quite limited and the place can get quite pack during peak hours. However, it can be considered as clean and hygienic compared to other mamak joints. The staffs are also very efficient in handling big crowds.


Shah Alam folks love coming here for breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner, and even supper. Simply because of their wide range of delightful food selections. From thosai, satay, noodle dishes, to biryani, they have it all. However, Bukhara, satay, and padhora chapatti are among the all-time crowd’s favourite. Patrons love to come back here and order the same thing over and over again without getting bored. This shows that the dishes here are delectable and have good quality.


Beside the counter, you can see a whole selection of side dishes to complement your main meal. Like every other mamak place, this one also serves crunchy and juicy fried chicken. For simpler dishes, go for their mee goreng mamak or maggi goreng. It will be served to you hot and flavourful. They also provide all kinds of bread like roti canai, naan, thosai, chapatti, or even roti milo to fill your empty tummy during breakfast. Sometimes, you can get the chance to meet the owner of Restoran Syed Kadir checking out his business. So if you’re dropping by, don’t forget to say hi. Who knows you might get some discounts. 

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