Humbly settled in the suburbs of Subang Jaya, Restoran Sri Anggerik attracts customers like bees to nectar. This place is referred to as Carlos by the local Subang-ians that live there. They have plenty of wonderful dishes that are both tasty and addictive at the same time which at times the place would be packed with no available seats! Maybe that inspired the owner to open up Carlos 2 around the corner?

One of the servings is definitely the Nasi Lemak which nobody can resist. Lined with banana leaf, a bowl of coconut fragrant rice is then accompanied by their renowned piece of fried chicken and also a splash of spicy sambal for taste. Together on the same plate lies fresh sliced cucumbers and also a handful of anchovies with roasted nuts. You can choose to have an additional sunny-side-up for a more filling meal. Some will opt for pieces of ‘Rendang’ or curry chicken if they are not in the mood for their fried chicken but who can deny that wonderful scent?

Another spectacular choice of food is the ‘keropok lekor’. Calling themselves the best ones in town, these fat pieces made from fish will surely keep your munching going. They have their specialty which is served with cheese and the normal one served with plain mayonnaise. You also have the choice of combining both sauces which will make the ‘lekors’ taste just as heavenly. Our suggestion? Go for extra cheese instead!

One more attractive dish is their satay which is always grilled on the spot at the stall outside. It is not over-grilled and you can still have the meat juices oozing out. They have both beef and chicken and other choices of meat.

Enhance your ‘mamak’ experience with their refreshing iced tea or your preferred drinks. Do keep in mind that this place gets really packed by 9 p.m. all the way till the early morn!

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