Can you imagine paying an affordable amount of money to eat as much shabu shabu as you can? Well, your dream has finally come true. Apparently somewhere in Bandar Puteri Puchong, there’s a buffet restaurant where you can eat all you can at a really reasonable price and it is called Restoran Shabu Shabu 强强滚. For your information, shabu shabu is a Japanese cuisine whereby sliced beef are boiled in a pot of boiling soup on the dining table, just like Chinese’s hot pot or steamboat. The difference? In regular restaurants, you will only get one big pot per table, but in most shabu shabu restaurants you will be given your own personal pot each. This is a more preferable way since it is more hygienic.


The items here are all served via the conveyor belt just like other sushi places making it easier for all the diners to grab anything that they want without getting up from their sits. However, pork slices are served directly to you by the staffs. This shows that the slices are freshly cut and it can be cooked just within ten seconds in boiling water. You can also get a lot of other items like fish, meatballs, ham balls, chicken, fish, beef, chicken offal, rice, noodles, many kinds of vegetables, eggs, quail eggs and many more. Patrons will also be served with three different types of dipping sauce and each will give you different kind of tastes – sweet, sour, and spicy.


End your meal with delicious cold scoops of ice cream. Yam, coconut, and strawberry are among the flavours available for grabs. Wash down all the heavy food you’ve had with the unlimited green tea, orange juice or sky juice. With the quality and quantity of food you will get, we ensure you that your RM39 won’t be put to waste.