Like many before them, Restoran Rejab comes about as yet another Indian-Muslim restaurant franchise that serves your everyday standard mamak dishes. This particular one at Taman Bukit Kinrara, Puchong, is no different, dolling out the usual fare of Indian-Muslim cuisine found everywhere else in Puchong. However, when it comes to their naan bread, it's another level of ball-game, altogether.

Situation in a quieter part of Puchong, this particular mamak joint is a gem of its own, home to one of the best naan bread and tandoori chicken Puchong can offer. Aside from the usual cheese naan or garlic naan variants, they also have the combination of both:- the cheese garlic naan. Legend says, if you try this cheese garlic naan, you will never go for naans of other places. But regardless of the legend of old, readers decide on their own, okay? At any rate, baked in a ceramic pot at high temperatures, the naan breads come out crispy on the surface, but soft and fluffy on the inside. And mind you, the portion is pretty big as well and needless to say, with the smell of garlic and savory cheese wafting in the air, the naan bread is simply mouth-watering.

Oh. What did you just say? You wanted something on the sweeter side? Why not try yet another of Restoran Rejab's signature: the Banana Naan. Basically the same as the cheese garlic naan with the exception that it was topped with banana instead, the taste is surreal. Cooked under intense heat, the banana is all but melted and close to being caramelized. But enough of the description. As for the taste, sweetness is without a doubt the highlight here,  

And what naan dish is complete without a serving of tangy-on-the-outside-but-tender-on-the-inside-tandoori chicken? At Rejab's, the tandoori they serve is huge in terms of portion and the taste may rival some of the more established mamak joints out there. But naan-theless, the focal point of Restoran Rejab is their naan bread so be sure to try them out whenever you find yourself in the immediate area in search for good eats.

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