Tucked away in the bustling neighbourhood of Damansara Jaya is a Chinese restaurant like no other. Bring your friends and family down to Restoran New Peng Wah for a good time to your taste buds and tummy. This spacious restaurant holds a clean and comfortable interior fitted with large round tables for the comfort of your family dinner or reunions while also providing an array list of mouth-watering authentic Chinese dishes for your dining pleasure.

Believed by many even by New Peng Wah – good food is more than just for satisfying your hunger but also for sharing amongst friends and family. This way, a memorable dining experience is fulfilled. With a plate of warm plain white rice, start off with their must-try Signature Deep Fried Fish with a choice of fresh Ma-Yao Fish or other fish such as Jade Perch and Tenggalan Fish.

With an option for small, medium or large, their Signature Potato Fried Pork is not to be missed. One might be surprised by the bursts of harmonious flavours between perfectly sliced and braised potatoes with sliced fried pork.

Also with the same option and a must-try is their Stew Grouper Fish Head that brings a harmonious kick of sweet, spicy and salty flavours all in one bowl. 

With all the protein covered, vegetables also make an appearance to a scrumptious balanced meal and one to try is their Homestyle Claypot Brinjal. Other seafood, chicken, tofu, soup and pork dishes are available. One can also opt for their rice and noodle dishes and one of the must-try is their Cantonese Style Hor Fun as well as Potato Pork Rice and fried rice. Accompany all of this goodness with a glass of Chinese tea, Herbal tea and other beverages and you are good to go.

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