Restoran New Palm Grove is a Chinese restaurant located in Meru, Klang. This restaurant is known for serving up typical Chinese dishes, and even some with a slight twist. Even though the dishes served here are on the simple side for the most part, regular customers are pleased with the quality of the food served here, as well as the service put forth by the staff members of the restaurant.

The menu at Restoran New Palm Grove is certainly an extensive one. Some of the dishes served here include stir fried vegetables, claypot pork, fried noodles with crab meat, shark fin soup, steamed fish, steamed chicken with yam, stir fried mushrooms and tofu, fried prawn, braised oyster pork rice, and Chinese style udon noodles to name a few.

However, the main attraction of this restaurant is definitely the dim sum. With more than 30 dim sum options to choose from, diners have more than enough choice in enjoying their meal. Some of the dim sum dishes served here includes 4 variations of Siew Mai (i.e. Chinese herb, Szechuan, black pepper, etc.), 3 variations of prawn dumplings (i.e. chives, scallops, etc.), pork ribs, deep fried yam dumplings, bean curd rolls, fried carrot cake, and much more.

The great thing to note about this restaurant is that there are many sets to choose from and there are discounts on dim sum from morning till afternoon as well. So if you’re ever in Klang to try out something other than Bak Kut Teh, give Restoran New Palm Grove a shot.

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