With Penang being famous for its Nasi Kandar, it is quite tricky to make-do with the ones that announce themselves to be the authentic impressionists. However, there is one that is located in Puchong that fits the bill. Owning a stall under the umbrella coffee shop named Restoran Kok Siong, you can find Nasi Kandar Penang that comes together with a long line of patrons who crave for good Nasi Kandar. Some of them are even Penangites themselves so you can tell they are the real deal.

Here are some reasons patrons are willing to queue for this wonderful dish. Firstly, they have a great amount of curry choices ranging from chicken to mutton to beef. Their meat turns out to be well-marinated together with the sauce and still maintaining a great amount of tenderness. The curry gravies can be mixed together to ‘drench’ your rice; as that is what most of us Penangites do it but then again, it will be just as tasty if you put it at a minimum. Because most of them come for Nasi Kandar Ayam, their fried chicken is considered the best in town. You can observe how crispy and juicy it is when you take a bite and listen to the wonderful crunch it makes. The waiter will add a handful of fried batter onto your rice which makes it a pretty neat combination. If you are feeling ambitious, add on some curry squid to your dish but of course, the price will increase as well.

Other than the stall that usually has everybody lining up for, there are also a few other stalls that serves just as good local food.

So, if you are not a Nasi Kandar person, opt for some delicious chicken rice, Yong Tau Fu or some lip-smacking Laksa.