Here is another great food outlet in Puchong that will amaze you. Noted as the third branch of the franchaise, Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Tiga has chosen a very strategic spot to occupy: a corner lot at Bandar Puchong Utama. Offering a comfortable air-conditioned indoor setting together with tables lined outside along the driveway, this humble eatery is always packed with worshippers of fish from 6 p.m. onwards.

They have two signature dishes that shape their ever-growing business: The curry fish head and their signature soup steamed fish.The fishes can be viewed and chosen in the aquariums available within the restaurant. What makes it even harder to make a decision is that all the fishes are healthy as horses and you are definitely able to receive meaty and tasty ones. Nevertheless, it is again up to preference.

One of their items on the menu is the steamed seafood or known as ‘Seafood King’ which will bring you to your knees. There is your choice of fish and it will be cooked with a handful of other seafood critters like squids, prawns, clams or even pieces of lobsters. We believe that is why the broth is so delectable. The fresh fish is steamed to a very soft and chewy texture while topped with a generous amount of chopped garlic, spring onion and red chilies. The soup is refillable so you do not have to worry about your fish being out of water.

To accompany your fishes, you can have a try at their sweet and sour pork. Being a very famous Cantonese dish, the style of cooking does not disappoint those who have ordered. The pork meat is fried till crispy and tender and then lightly drizzled with tomato sauce. They also have a few choices of vegetables as well as crabs if you are going for a feast.

There is a jelly dessert served at the end of your full-course meal to nicely cleanse your palate. The best thing about this is that it is free!