Undeniably, a good breakfast is vital to kick start the day! What does Malaysian’s widely quell in the early hours? The answer can be found here, a comfy restaurant churning out a symphony of Malaysian delights that are devoted to satisfying all walks of life. Since the doors opened back in 1968, patrons habitually leave with a smile from ear to ear, “Gembira” which literally translated to happiness!   

The restaurant is commodious and clean and the menu includes roti canai, fried rice, assorted kuihs, fried noodles, fried chickens, fried noodles and nasi lemak, their signature dish. For decades, the quality has never taken a dip, the fragrant rice is cooked with an ideal balance of coconut milk and ladled with sizzling sambal with has a tinge of sweetness. The normal version comes with anchovies and egg, yet to enhance your dining experience, sambal kerang (cockles), fried chicken, cuttlefish and fish steal the spotlight.

Their roti canai are fluffy and served piping hot with assorted curry choices while “Kuih Cakoi” tops the scorecard for snacks, especially kids who go head over heels for the gilded baton of flour. During the later hours, lunch and dinner, their tomyam, luscious fishes, sups and fried rice take charge and the crowd is a mirror to the morning hours.

In a nutshell, it takes huge guts to set the name of the restaurant as happiness yet under the stewardship of Pn. Miyah and her crew, this restaurant truly justifies the name. Once you’re up for the day or before heading to the bed, Restoran Gembira awaits to pamper your tummy.