Recognised as a hidden gem within the busiest suburb of Puchong, Restoran Fu Li Lai offers another great haven for exquisite Chinese food lovers and also to seafood junkies. This humble restaurant serves dishes still intact with authentic traditional flavour plus a remarkable presentation but still reasonably priced, this is the place. Enforced with simple tables and chairs parked from inside towards the side street of the restaurant, you can pretty much expect a large number of guests.

The menu itself is enough to make your mouth water before you start to order. With a page filled with the chef’s recommendations and the rest following suit according to their respective categories, it is absolutely overwhelming and very tempting to order every one of the menu!

There are a couple of desired dishes that can be taken off the list for savouring, namely the Curry Fish Head, the chef’s signature Marmite Pork Ribs which is served side by side the Mango Salsa Pork Ribs, and also Assam Three Kingdom- somewhat a Tomyam Seafood Supreme. Not forgetting one of the commonly ordered dishes, the Deep Fried Talapia with Evaporated Milk.

The speciality Assam Three Kingdom, or might known as Assam Seafood itself gives a very vivid picture of how much goodness one can get just out of a bowl. Found immersed the soup are some fish fillets, fresh squid, sizeable prawns, and some greens to even up the orange and to balance the taste. This goes really well with a bowl of white rice.

The Salted Egg Mantis is an absolute favourite amongst the patrons. The yam basket is cooked to a crispy texture on the outside whereas still maintaining the liquidity of the paste on the inside. Then, it is filled with the mantis prawns already fried beforehand with salted egg yolk sauce. The yam sauce combined creates a very pleasant taste and texture.

With all of the above dishes, we are very sure the seafood connoisseurs will approve of this wonderful haven.