I dare say! Nyonya food is the definition representing flavours of Malaysia. Hidden inside this busy food court in Puchong, is a stall that sells Nyonya style mixed rice by offering classic dishes that many of us love at a reasonable price! Dishes they offer are such as; prawn sambal, otak-otak and many more!

Located in Puchong, Restaurant Fong Lei is familiar among Puchong peeps and it is because of the wide range of food stalls that they have. Our personal favourite is the ever-so-delicious Nyonya mixed rice, that is situated right in the middle of the laid back and unembellished food court.

The House of Nyonya offers an extensive menu of Nyonya cuisine, that will leave you reminiscing the good old days at your grandparents’ house. This stall is always busy with patrons pairing their favourite Nyonya dishes with rice and a plate, usually costing around RM6-8.

Getting overwhelmed by the variety of dishes is an understatement! Therefore, we took the liberty to come out with a list of must tries from this stall. Their sweet and sour pickled vegetables (Achat) is one of their signature dishes. A staple  of Nyonya cuisine that balances out the salty dishes! The “Achat” is a winner, along with their Fish Curry, Pork Balls, Prawn crackers and otak-otak which is very consistent and actually had fish bits in it.