Tempted to feast on some delicious North Indian cuisine? Then head on over to Daawat for a feast full of flavours and spices. Located in Klang, this restaurant serves traditional Mapilla/Malabari dishes from the coastal region of Kerala.

Daawat uses only the best ingredients for all their cooking as well as make their own spices to give you an unforgettable experience of delicious Kerala food.

Enough introduction, let’s move on to the delicacies. The first dish was Prawn Kettuvallam. The dish is presented in a 'boat' as the word Kettuvallam means boat.

Prawn Kizhi is another prawn dish that we tried. Prepared in a banana leaf, Prawn Kizhi is a spicy dish famous in Malabar and Southern Kerala. This dish is perfect for those who love spicy food and it pairs well with plain rice.

Next we have Chicken Tawa and Chicken Malabari Dum Biryani.  Deliciously packed with spices, Chicken Tawa goes well with plain rice or on its own. As for the Biryani, deliciously aromatic and wholesome, you’ll feast on this till your stomach is full.

They also serve other varieties of biryani such as mutton, fish and vegetable if you’re not a chicken lover.

Another side dish that goes well with rice is Fish Tawa Fry. One of the simplest dish with simple spices and cooking technique, the taste of this dish was exquisite.

Last but not least, a North Indian speciality dish which is Paneer Butter Masala. Creamy and well-spiced, this dish goes well with naan or paratha.

Got some room for desserts? As we are about to feast on sweet, spiced and all things nice. First off is one of their signature drinks called Kulukki Sarbathe. This drink is for those who up for an adventure as it contains mint, fresh lime, chia seeds and of course spices.

Next we have all things yellow, Mango soufflé and Mango Shake. Packed with goodness of mango, both of this dessert is a good palate cleanse plus deliciously sweet.

Or you can opt to try Tender Coconut if you’re not a fan of mango as this coconut pudding is equally tasty.

Carrot Halva is also another good dessert that is worth trying especially if you’re looking for something different or simply because you love carrots. 

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