With its very much Mexican name, it is no other than the famous ‘mamak’ stall situated at USJ 9, somewhere near the Petronas petrol station and Pizza Hut Delivery. Because it is strategically located in a housing area, Restoran Carlos Two is a frequent hangout spot for both teenagers and adults. Carlos Two offers not only the typical ‘mamak’ stall combination of the cultural Malaysian cuisine, but they have included a Western menu as well. Additionally, you can also opt to try their keropok lekor, chicken wings and delicious grilled satay.

One of the recommended local meals would be the ‘Roti Padang’. Some call it the Malaysian Lasagna as it is buttered toast made into a sandwich, grilled with egg and accompanied with black pepper sauce smeared all over.

The suggested Nasi Lemak is worth your money due to the abundance of ingredients topped up with an additional fried egg. Here, you too get the choice of the wet or dried Char Koay Teow in which many would deem the wet version palatable.


As for the Westernized meals, trust the cook to prepare the most succulent sizzling steak. It is undeniably one of the crowd’s favourite course as not only is the price of a well-cooked steak quite reasonable, the size of the meat is generously big. This applies to their Lamb Chop too. Don’t forget to also try their burgers, we heard they’re just as tasty!


All orders to go with the usual drinks like their refreshing Milo Ais, Teh Ais. If you like the red syrup refreshment, try ordering their signature Bandung Carlos.

Unfortunately, the area is parking-deprived so you might want to park somewhere else and take a brisk walk there.

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