Scavenging through the neighbourhood of Puchong, located on the same row as Maybank with its bright red signboard rested above the restaurant you surely can’t miss it. The restaurant is tucked in the corner occupying a fairly large area plenty of space for customers to eat in.


The restaurant is an open space style Chinese restaurant with numerous tables and chairs arranged in a long stretch to occupy more space for their customers. The interior is built extensively plain and simple in white. The hawker stall is placed right in front where customers can order their meals before getting a place to sit. Pictures of their food menu are placed on the wall with the price shown. It’s better to just point out what you want to the workers because most of the workers are foreigners and it may be difficult to understand the workers when they speak.

The menu features a variety of good local street food. Their signature dish is none other than their BBQ char siew wantan mee. Aside from this, they also served roasted and steamed chicken, roast duck with wantan mee or rice depending on customer’s preferred choice. It's garnished with spring onions and a special dark sauce to prevent the noodles from drying up. Aside from this, right behind the famed wantan mee dish lies another stall that sells good Ipoh Hor Fun and curry laksa. If you’re not in the mood for dry noodles, give the hor fun or laksa and be sure to fill up your tummies. 

Be sure to head over early as it may get crowded during lunch hours for office workers.