A nasi kandar restaurant in earnest, operating 24 hrs a day, this particular corner-lot joint has been the go-to place for many locals in Seksyen 17. Serving a myriad of Malay and Indian cuisine -as well as being a purveyor of shisha; Al-Safa is frequented by locals and foreigners alike throughout the entire day, for breakfast, lunch, teatime, dinner and supper.

The food in overall, are decent in a sense that Al-Safa balances the taste, portion and the affordability of their dishes to ensure that your wallet does not go empty just because you are trying to cure your hunger pangs. 

In general, Al-Safa serves your typical everyday nasi kandar menu, albeit admittedly, several items on their list stands out from the rest. Their roti susu, in particular, is regarded as one of their best. With a copious amount of sweet condensed milk enveloped withn hand-tossed bread, the roti susu is every sweet tooth's sinful delight. 

Aside from that, their mee goreng is also worth the note. Fried along with several key ingredients such as shrimp fritters and assorted vegetables, chili paste and dark soy sauce over a high temperature, you will be served a piping hot plate of tasty noodles garnished with cucumber slices and fried onions. But if you are not in the mood for noodles, you can also opt for their nasi goreng ayam, which is also another dish favored by many patrons.