Best Hokkien Mee in PJ? It has to be the Restoran Ah Wa located at Jalan 222. Apparently this well-known restaurant has been around for decades and has become the compulsory place for the residents or even tourists to go to whenever they are around the PJ area. Apart from the Hokkien Mee stall, you can also indulge in pan cakes, loh bak, stewed duck, grilled seafood, popiah and tauhu bakar that are also delightful. When the clock strikes 7, the place will start to get crowded with hungry tummies. So, you might want to make a reservation earlier to avoid waiting for a table. Here, you can see tables and chairs dominating the road and parking spaces to cater the never ending line of customers.


Ah Wa, the chef and also the founder of this eatery, can be spotted from time to time in the kitchen. You might be curious on what makes the Hokkien Mee here so special. Well, the answer is in the cooking method itself, they are still using charcoal to prepare their noodles, giving it "wok hei". The noodle is beautifully coated with thick sticky black sauce and fried along with pork slices, cabbage and crispy lard. One thing that will impress you the most is the fact that the noodles doesn’t have the alkaline flavour or scent. You might also want to try the famous street delicacy – Loh-Bak. You will love the crunchy texture of the fried bean curd skin and the juiciness of its content without being too overpowering. The dipping sauce that comes with it enhance the whole dish completely.


End your meal with something refreshing like the Assam Boi drink that has a sourish yet sweet taste enough to tone down all the greasy food you had earlier. However, having the delicious meals here are not so fun when you think about all the cholesterol intake you’ll consume.