Restaurant Mei Keng Yong Tau Foo Corner Puchong

Located in Taman Kinrara, Restaurant Mei Keng Yong Tau Foo Corner is another Puchong’s hidden gem that serves delectable Chinese food. In line with its name, Mei Keng is a Yong Tau Foo shop that occupies two shop lots with a simple and clean atmosphere. The ordering system is very straightforward and quick. They will provide you will an order form where you can choose from numerous yong tau foo available, together with drinks and noodles. Once you are done checking the boxes on the order form, give it to the staffs and they will immediately pass it to the kitchen.


Your order will then come to your table just within minutes in a large bowl of soup. The soup is clear but very tasty without any strong flavours of MSG. Among the most recommended items are the stuffed lady’s fingers, stuffed bitter gourd, fish balls and dumplings (sui kow). However, at Restaurant Mei Keng Yong Tau Foo Corner, you got to love the fish balls. Just think of big, bouncy and springy fish balls. There also other fried items available including the Fried fu chuk (stuffed bean curd sheet) and Fried meat roll. They are served piping hot with a nice freshly fried crunchy skin.


Besides from the usual Yong Tau Foo, you go for their curry noodles which is indeed underrated by their regulars. You might assume that the ingredients in it are the star of the show, but you are wrong. The noodles drenched in hot and thick curry gravy took the trophy home. Aromatic and rich with a unique coconut flavour is what the curry is all about. Even the noodles were soaked long enough to make your meal burst with flavours. So, if you are out for lunch and feels like trying a new place for a change, Restaurant Mei Keng Yong Tau Foo Corner is definitely the right choice for you.