Uptown Damansara is always the place to be if you are looking for best places to eat of whereby within this area, there are 3 restaurants that are famous for their delicious hokkien mee and that includes Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee Restaurant – the name itself is a dead giveaway on the restaurant’s specialty. Many had claimed that they were not a fan of a hokkien mee before no matter how delicious looking it can be however this restaurant has turned the table around and those claimants are now in for some serious trouble as they have finally found the holy light that shed on any hokkien mee dish around. The place offers an outdoor and indoor dining area to cater more people especially during dinner hour. At night, the place will always be packed with crowds so a word of some useful advice; be there as early as possible to secure yourself a seat. As the night goes on people will still be flocking in and out without taking into account the late hour of the night.

The spotlight would definitely be on their signature hokkien mee – a delicious dish that plates flat yet packed noodles soaked in thick dark soy sauce with pork flavours enriching every corner of the palette and better, with slices of pork decorating at the side. Definitely a prize-winning noodle dish nevertheless it would not hurt to give a shot on the place’s roast duck that without a doubt would be the ultimate side dish to have while munching on a bowl of hokkien mee. 

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Saturday, Sunday

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