Restaurant Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun Bandar Sunway

A bowl of well made pork noodle is always tempting especially when the broth is well prepared. They serve soup and dry pork noodle. It's up to you to choose what you like. You can choose what you prefer from their menu. For instance, normal pork noodle, special pork noodle, extra special noodle or soup without noodle. You can find good balance of savoury in all their dishes.

This restaurant welcomes their customers with comfortable seating area. All the chairs and tables are arranged indoor with a calm environment.It will not cost you more than RM25 for two people. 

It will take approximately 20 minutes for them to serve you. They are open everyday from 7am to 5pm. If you need a place to have breakfast before starting your daily routine, you should give this restaurant a try. You will feel energetic and will not feel sleepy at work or in class.