Rathaa Curry House @ Puchong Puchong

Rathaa Curry House is considered to be one of the best banana leaves around Puchong by its locals, and for very good reason. It specializes in cuisine originating from the southern part of India, but is famous for deep fried seafood served alongside with their banana leaf rice.

As per usual with all banana leaf rice restaurants, you will be getting a single large banana leaf as a plate with a mountain of white rice plated on top of it along with other vegetable dishes and a few chips. A waiter will later arrive with a assortment of curries where you choose to ladle over your rice, ranging from chicken to seafood and even crab or prawn gravy.

Side orders still include the aforementioned deep fried seafood, which are squids, fish, fish roe, and also even deep fried eggs simmered in gravy. And to top it all off, as a homage to multiracialism in Malaysia, there is even tofu to tickle you inner Chinese fancy.