If you are from around Puchong, you should probably already know the very famous Rathaa Curry House. Until today, their business has been growing which led them to open up a second outlet situated along Jalan Puteri 1/5, Bandar Puteri Puchong. This restaurant is famous for their delicious banana leaf rice and it is among the best Indian restaurants in town that serves good Indian food but a bit at a pricier side. Occupies a spacious corner lot facing directly the Giant Hypermarket, this restaurant is almost never empty of customers throughout the day.


As you walk into the restaurant, the servers will promote their Seafood and Meat cuts that have been beautifully marinated that you can actually see at a display counter for you to choose. The items chosen will then be fried and served to your table. Here comes the favourite part, the vegetarian meal or better known as Banana Leaf Rice. The dish comes along with three delightful vegetables, unlimited rice, papadoms, chutney, pickles, fried pickled chili, fried bitter gourd, and a glass of Rasam. All the items mentioned only costs RM6. Very affordable isn’t it?


The vegetables are prepared very nicely – fresh veggies, not overcooked, juicy, crunchy. The side dishes complement the meal very well with all its delicious flavours. If you decided to select one of the marinated items, the Fried Fish is a must-try. Nicely marinated and seasoned with spices and fried to a beautiful crispy golden brown colour. As for drinks, you should give a try of their Masala Tea and Bru Coffee. The Masala Tea is made with fresh milk and gives out a very nice flavour of spices. While the Bru Coffee is deliciously fixed. So if you crave for some delicious Banana Leaf Meal, you know where to head to now. You can also try their maggi goreng and roti canai.