The Japanese Restaurant chain which has quite a number of branches throughout Klang Valley is always full house during lunch and dinner hours. This branch is located in Oasis Square which is a commercial centre located in Ara Damansara. The interior of the restaurant is designed with wooden panelling, emphasizing the Japanese vibe. For those who are opting for a more private space, you request to be seated in the circular cubicles or even the private rooms.  The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is really warm and comfortable to dine in.

A consistent menu is used throughout all of their branches and the food that they feature in their menu is pretty much the same as any other Japanese Eatery.  However, what makes Rakuzen shines out among its competitors would be the quality of their food. Rakuzen is definitely one of the places you would want to visit if you are looking for genuine Japanese food with an affordable price.

Rakuzen’s menu features a variety of Sushi, Maki, Temaki available on the sushi belt for the customers to choose from.  The basic Dons like Chicken Teriyaki Don and Curry Katsu Don is of course available in the menu, but Rakuzen enhanced their menu by adding in a variety of other choices for their customer such as Salmon Sashimi Roe Don. One of their must tries would definitely be the Wagyu Beef cooked in sizzling stone pot.

A three course meal would not be a problem in Rakuzen as they also have a broad selection of appetizers such as Japanese style salads, Japanese omelette, cold beancurd and others. Finish the meal with some Cheesecake topped with Matcha Ice Cream. 

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