If you're into designing your own pizza, much like what you do in Subway, then you'll enjoy Raku Pizza. Located at the heart of SS15, right across Inti College and along the rows of Mcdonald's, this subtle pizza hub has more than meets the eye. 

Despite its simple and unassuming entrance, do not allow that to be the sole reason deterring yourself from paying a visit, for the pizzas contained within are more than able to compensate for the exterior aesthetics by blowing your taste buds away. Rest assured, Raku Pizza's range of Japanese DIY pizzas are not only pretty to look at, but taste delicious to boot.

In essence, patrons begin their gastronomic journey by first selecting their preferred choice of crust, which comes in 3 unique flavours - herb, charcoal or plain. Next, the process entails a selection of sauce bases such as miso, teriyaki, curry and wasabi mayonnaise. Some of the choices may sound out of this world but with the right combination, anyone can make it delicious. When it comes to the final component, the toppings, patrons will pretty much be spoilt for choice. From tofu to fried chicken, fish to seaweed, along with random occasions where they have specials, the options are endless. 

For those who are a little lazier for their own good, Raku Pizza also offers predesignated pizzas straight off the menu, saving yourself the brain juice and ensuring that you do not have to crack your head in thinking what would you like to have. Also to note, Raku does not only offer pizza as their food fare, albeit it is without a doubt that pizzas are their main attraction. Here in Raku, they also offer donburi (Japanese rich bowls), pastas -with a Japanese culinary twist; and takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls), just to name a few.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

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