Putien is a franchise restaurant originating from Singapore and has quite a huge following there. Putian is a coastal town located in the Fujian province in China and the people there are known as ‘Heng Hwas’. There is an abundance of fresh seafood and land harvests in that region, leading its cuisine being light and uncomplicated, aiming to bring out the bountiful flavours of the ingredients. Simple and pure, there is also a touch of robustness to the dishes. To ensure the authenticity of the dishes, Putien goes all out and imports a lot of their ingredients from the region.

The interior of the restaurant is simple but comfortable with attentive and friendly staffs. Their Deep Fried Duck with Yam is a must try. The dish is deep fried impeccably, with smooth mash yam coating the tender duck meat. The sweetness of the yam and savouriness of the meat proves to be a good combination. Do also sample their Iced Bitter Gourd which is served on top of a heap of shaved ice and drizzled with honey. The aromatic sugary honey and crunchy bitter gourd comes together perfectly. The Fried Century Egg is delectable too, with the black gelatinous eggs coated in light, sweet batter and rolled into a tangy garlicky sauce. Their Drunken Cockles are in no way drunken. Instead, it consists of extremely fresh, silky raw cockles drenched in vinegar and soy sauce. The chilli and garlic topping adds a spicy kick to the dish.

Pair your meal with a large, refreshing glass of Premium Tie Guan Ying.