Best Roti Bakar in PJ
Talking about the looks of inside and outsideof the restaurant, Pudu Chan Fatt WantonMee is a restaurant that is designed in a style which filled with Chinese style but in a modern way. It is indeed clean and comfortable with air-conditioning in the restaurant. Not to forget that, both of their breakfast and lunch set each will not cost more than RM10 which is cheap and the food is also worth eating. 

In terms of one of their best sellers, Char Siew & Wanton Noodles definitely can't escape from the list, as their Char Siew there is known as "Glass Char Siew" that will give you the taste of bouncy and rich in flavor.

Next, which is the Lion Head Noodles, it is served in 4 ball shaped meatball which is big enough in portion along with noodles, it is indeed juicy and homemade. 

As for rice, their Roasted Duck Rice is served along with a plate of rice. Many people wouldn't hate on meats and their roasted duck skin is thin and easy to bite, not to forget that, it is crispy as well. Meat lovers wouldn't want to miss the chance to give it a try on the meat.

There are several drinks which are included in the lunch set and one of them is Soya Bean. Their soya bean is indeed fresh and clean. 

Talking about chinese food, dumplings will definitely be in the list. And dumplings is served together with their noodles in this restaurant, which is known is Sui Kaw Noodles. Their dumpling is really bigger than usual in portion, it is full of meat, and juicy.

Their lime juice that is included in the lunch set is rich in lime flavor, as they chose to put several of lime into the liquid and it is extracted from the liquid to produce a little sour taste in the lime juice.