As the boba trend continues bubbling through, a new type of tea has emerged and it’s making its way into the heart of tea Malaysian lovers! Located at the ever famous boba street in SS15, Pin Tea Malaysia 品茶 is bringing in a new approach to tea with their localized and unique flavors! 

The tea joint was first started by 3 partners that came from a variety of backgrounds. With a combination of their own experiences, Pin Tea was born in August of 2018 and they aim to serve freshly brewed tea without any chemicals or preservatives for a healthy twist! 

Inspired by fruit tea joints in Taiwan and China,a timber setting spreads throughout the shop with splashes of oriental ornaments for a very relaxing environment!

As Pin Tea specializes in fruit tea,they uses fresh fruit daily for their brews so it is as fresh as it can get! The flavors are in fact the tea shop’s own original recipes with a variety of options ranging from citrus to berries and there’s definitely something for everyone!

As you can see, oranges seem to be a thing here at Pin Tea so we figured we’ll start off with the citrus line up! First up, we had a Citrus Fruit tea which has an appetizing light and fragrant citrus scent to it. The drink consists blended ice which made it a refreshing drink to have on a hot day!

Citrus Fruit Tea

Then we have the Passion Orange Oolong with Yoghurt Milk which is essentially is a spin off of the milk tea but with a fruity twist! This drink features a more sour taste from the passion fruit and yoghurt but it the ingredients balances each other out perfectly! 

Passion Orange Oolong with Yogurt Milk

Next up, we have a house specialty which is the Signature Fruit Tea! Since Pin Tea’s main attractions are fruit tea, this signature drink is the epitome of the tea joint as it’s concocted of a variety of fruits!

Signature Fruit Tea

Ending the citrus line up, this Berry Fruit Tea is perfect for berry lovers! Throwing strawberries, blueberries and green tea into the mix, this tea truly honors the berry flavor.

Berry Fruit Tea

Last but not least amongst Pin Tea’s collection, the Signature Pineapple Fruit Tea is another fruits basket to say the least! With 6 types of fruits in a cup, this tea is definitely the ultimate combination of fruity flavors! 

Signature Pineapple Fruit Tea

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