Pierre’s Kitchen & Dining located in Petaling Jaya, carries a family-friendly themed restaurant with a blend of premium Western and Asian taste for everyone to enjoy. The whole idea came from the founder himself, Darrel Pierre, well-known individual in entertainment and service industry for years. His main idea and focus, is to serve premium product to his guests at the most reasonable and affordable prices. 

The exterior and interior of the restaurant is concealed by a bright red color, clear glass windows around the restaurant allows natural sunlight to enter in. The interior is designed in a classic retro style, giving a pleasant and cozy ambience.

A selection of perfectly crafted menu is done by the kitchen team behind the scene. The famous dishes served up are Fettucine Creamy Mushroom & Bacon, Braised Lamb Shank, Fillet Mignon served with ‘serunding’ jus, Grilled Salmon with Orange Butter and much more. Kitchen are open from 8am to cater breakfast crowd, serving classic breakfast menu such as Big Breakfast, Baked Egg Casserole and Malaysian favorite breakfast dish, Nasi Lemak served with Roasted Chicken. Pierre’s caters tea time crowd with our own home made burnt cheese cake, walnut tart and several choices of pie, paired with hot brewed coffee or tea.

Their Big Breakfast is a very simple yet hearty breakfast, filled with omelette, sausages, toasted bread and so on. The taste profile of the dish would be something that reminds you of home or your mom's cooking.

Next comes their Egg Benedict. With the Hollandaise cause filled with flavour, complementing the taste of the poached eggs, it's usually everybody's favourite. Add in some turkey ham or beef bacon on it, it'll give you the umami flavour. 

Now, it's everyday you see a restaurant serving calzones in Malaysia. It's hard to find but this is a well made calzone - crispy dough with a cheesy filling, it'll be sure to fill everyone's stomach. The variety of cheese used in this calzone gives it the aroma and fragrance that tantalises you. 

Pierre's serve one of the authentic pasta, most importantly simple, tasty and filling. One of their white sauce pasta comes with some premium ingredients such as shimeiji mushroom and either beef bacon or turkey ham. The portion is very generous and every bit ensures that you would get bacon in it.