Phun Heong is nestled within the busy Bandar Puchong Jaya. The exterior itself is humble looking with a white signboard and wooden blinds. Do not be fooled by its humble façade though, as this place serves amazingly delectable Hainanese Chicken Rice. The interior is simple but comfortable characteristic of local hawker stalls with plastic tables and chairs and rattling fans to keep patrons away from the scorching Malaysian heat.

Their Steamed Chicken is so tender and succulent that you can feel the fragrant juices seeping through your mouth as you chew on the pieces. The skin is smooth and not too oily, adding to the total texture. Beneath the poultry sits a pool of slight oily and fragrant soy sauce, giving the meat some flavour. A few stalks of bean sprout and slices of cucumber are served alongside to provide patrons with some fibre. The chicken goes extremely well with the somewhat mildly-flavoured rice, leaving you reaching for that second or maybe even third bowl.

Like most chicken rice stores, they also sell the staple Siew Yuk (roasted pork). With its perfect texture, it is definitely a delight to the senses. The ratio of the fat and lean meat is just right, with the fat melting in your mouth. It is amazing to chew on. Its skin is crispy and slightly salty, making for a very appetizing dish that goes well with the rice and chicken.

They offer delivery service to patrons within vicinity. So if you are craving for some Hainanese Chicken Rice but for some reason cannot make it there, do give them a call.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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