Tucked in the midst food and shopping galore of Atria Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya, Pho Viet is among the few places in Klang Valley that offers authentic Vietnamese delicacies be it popular ones or even its delicious street food that perhaps are only available along rural streets at Hanoi, who knew. Located at the 3rd floor where Sambal Chili restaurant is also situated, Pho Viet offers wide selections of Vietnamese dishes ranging from the appetizers, noodles, rice, to desserts and drinks of which these extensive mouth watering dishes are well cooked from imported products that are directly shipped from the land of the ‘Blue Dragon’ itself, bringing forth the supposed authenticity that is reflected in every dish that Pho Viet serves.

Interestingly Pho Viet does not only dish out cooked dishes, but it also offers Vietnamese local products and ingredient, so the next time you want to make a hearty Vietnam dish at home, fret not, this restaurant will provide with the necessity that you need. The person behind this place work of art is Kenny Tong Ngoc Hiep, a Vietnamese lead chef that has accumulated his experience in authentic and local delicacies for the past 20 years. His expertise really paid off considering the amount of patrons filling up the restaurant really is massive. The lining up crowd is never short especially on weekends where it is almost formidable not to line up before getting a seat inside. And it is all for Pho Viet’s delicious delicacies that are worth every sweats and time off the clock, such as the classic Beef Noodle that is inevitably must-have, or the pork stuffed sandwiches and what more if all of them to be paired with Vietnam’s famous delicious coffee range.