Penang One Puchong Puchong

When it comes to all things related to food, there is no better place where the absolute best tasting ones are located in Pulau Penang. No other restaurant in the entirety of Malaysia can surpass the Penangites at their craft, and their laksa ranks as the top of the list in Northern Malaysian cuisine. And Penang One brings the ever-popular Penang-style laksa to the tables of Puchong.

Penang One serves all of the favourites one can expect from Panang street food, ranging from Lobak to Chee Chiong Fun to Char Kuey Teow done exactly the same way just like in Penang. So you can expect Penang One's laksa to be just as faithful as how it's done in Penang.

Upon finishing your laksa, you may not notice the literal Flames of Hell on your tongue because of how delicious the laksa is. So make it have a cold day by ordering a Penang-style Ice Kacang or Cendol done the Penang way.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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