Penang Asam Laksa Roadside food store Puchong

Most laksa stalls, particularly the ones you find in a pasar malam or pasar pagi, they usually follow the same exact pattern, serve decent portions of laksa to the people who are craving to get their fix of spiciness. The roadside stall is exactly like those stalls, but trumps every single one of them in terms of quality and tastiness.

The only items this roadside stall serves at all is mainly either curry mee or the more popular asam laksa served in two different sizes; Small or big. Both items are already pre-cooked before hand and are kept piping hot for a long time, so you can bet that your bowl of noodles are fresh from the pot.

The curry noodles and laksa are done in Penang fashion, so you can rest easy about being simply phenomenal. Both noodles being equally amazing in their own way and has an mild but strong kick of spices used to creating the broth.