Paya Serai is a restaurant that is under the management of the Hilton in Petaling Jaya. Paya Serai specialises in a buffet system, which includes international and local fare. The brigade of chefs at Paya Serai has a substantial experience in preparing international fare. While they are open throughout most of the day, Paya Serai is very well known for their breakfast and weekend high teas. The other thing to note about Paya Serai is that the buffet menu changes daily, so there's never a dull moment when dining here.

The interior is carefully designed with class and comfort in their mind. But the best part is during special occasions and festivals where they up their game with thematic setups. An instance of this is shown in their well known Ramadhan spread that is only available during the fasting month. Besides this, Paya Serai also hosts corporate dining, socials and family gatherings should a special occasion come about.

Although the menu is constantly changing, there are a few things you can still expect to find at Paya Serai. As far as the local delicacies are concerned, one can expect favourites like satay, ayam masak merah, Kam Heong style clams, fried rice, mutton curry, and much more. Some of the international favourites include mushroom soup, sweet corn soup, oysters, mussels to name a few. Paya Serai also takes desserts just as seriously. Some dessert items you can expect include chocolate fondue, ice-cream, bread and butter pudding, cakes, and jellies.

So if you have a group of people that are looking to indulge in an excellent buffet, give Paya Serai a try. With the variety available and highly competent kitchen staff, the buffet at Paya Serai will leave you satisfied.