Located within SS15, Pangkor Curry Fish Head restaurant offers the denizens of Subang Jaya a choice that is too hard to pass with a mouth-watering serving of spicy -and savoury; curry fish head. Opening its doors for afternoon lunch sessions as well as evening dinner sessions, this particular Chinese restaurant bustles with activities as patrons and staffs interact with one another to ensure both parties get what they want: the former getting a hearty meal while the latter netting a profit. 

Menu wise, the restaurant sports an all-too-delectable curry fish head course that will keep you on your toes in anticipation. Using various herbs and spices in its wake, the curry is flavourful as it is rich in texture. The fragrance is all-too-noticeable due to the usage of coconut milk in the cooking process. Coupled together with the briny fish head -they use mainly grouper here as the fish element; okras, tomatoes and taufupok, all you need to complete your meal here is a serving of steamed rice and voila, a heartening meal right under your discerning nose. Do note that if you prefer fish meat instead of the head -considering the prerequisite of an acquired taste to fully appreciate the texture of the fish head; the kitchen staffs in Pangkor Curry Fish Head will accommodate to your plight. So fret not.

Of course, should you wishto accompany your curry fish head with side-dishes, the cooks are more than capable in doing so, as they are quite the dab hand in whipping up a culinary storm of Chinese stir-fry dishes. 

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