Pak Li Kopitiam is a big name for Klang and Shah Alam people. With its outlets opening all around the area, there is no way people do not know about this restaurant. Talking about history, Pak Li Kopitiam has been around for about 30 years now. They open their first Nyonya Kitchen in October 1998 serving Halal Nyonya cuisine. The idea was to open a kopitiam with an authentic taste at a reasonable price in a hygienic setting. Since then, they started to developed a concept where people from different races and backgrounds can come to one place and enjoy a delightful meal. With that, the first Pak Li Kopitiam was introduced to customers in September 2005 at Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang.


Walking into the restaurant, you will be impressed by the kopitiam setting. The tables and chairs are just like the traditional kopitiam, and the décor is Nyonya-inspired. Cosy and clean is definitely the synonym of this restaurant. When it comes to the dishes available, you can find a variety of Chinese/Nyonya-styled cuisine. What’s even more interesting is that even Western food here have a fusion of Nyonya flavours. Some of the bestselling dishes are Lemon Chicken Rice, Pak Li Nasi Lemak Special, Katong Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Chop, and Golden Fried Rice. Drinks are also the scene stealer of this kopitiam. Ranging from the usual Teh Tarik to the delicious Ice Blended Japenese Green tea. If you want some refreshing cold deserts, you can try the Snowy Ice Durian Cendol, Ice Cendol, or Snowy Ice Mango.


So if you are looking for a cosy and clean kopitiam that serves good quality food and beverages with a good service team, Kopitiam Pak Li is the place to go.

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