Osaka Japanese Restaurant Klang

If you're in the vicinity of Bandar Baru Klang looking for some authentic Japanese food, fret no more, Osaka Japanese Restaurant is here. Strategically located within one of Klang's many urban areas, Osaka Japanese Restaurant will provide anyone in the immediate area a quick fix of their Japanese food cravings.

With an interior design that very accurately depicts the core concept of oriental Japanese theme, this particular Japanese food joint, equipped with an authentic sushi bar, delivers in terms of both environmental aesthetics and in food.

As far as Japanese restaurants go, Osaka Japanese restaurant serves rather decent Japanese dishes that will satisfy both your palate and your tummy. Their menu ranges from your typical rice-based sushi and handrolls to fresh sashimi, grilled eel, tempura, ramen and set bentos. A rather comprehensive selection of Japanese cuisine, one can say.

Signature dishes wise, try their Black Dragon Sushi rolls (Unagi-based maki rolls), Kyushu Ramen and also soft Kaniko Salad (Soft Shell-crab Salad). In terms of their Black Dragon Sushi, the taste of unagi is very well accentuated as the ratio of the sauce-grilled eel versus vinegar rice given is more inclined to the former. Topped with meticulously cut slices of more unagi, well, Osaka Japanese Restaurant's Black Dragon Sushi screams "Unagiiiii~!" from start down to the last bite.

Their sashimi, fresh off the sea and into the kitchen, comprises of three different fish, salmon, cod and tuna. Customers may opt for one particular kind or have a go at all three together.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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