That usual dim sum place that is always crowded in the morning. You think twice before heading in to the restaurant. So, when someone mentions to you dim sum, what would you normally think about? Is it, well, the very crowded restaurant? Or the simple fact of wanting to eat a cuisine that dates back to the roots of your culture? Or the fact that it is served in unique bamboo steaming baskets? Either way, it will be a bonus to bring a long some companion – family, friends, whoever. Because after all, no meal is worth it if you have no one to share the experience with.

Situated in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically in the rather popular recent mall of Jaya 33, Oriental Pavilion Restaurant happens to be a restaurant one would call a step above the rest, or in other words, premium level dim sum. So what does it mean by premium level? Well for one the set - up of the place differs significantly from the usual places that you are used to. This restaurant features air conditioned interior, but that is not all.

Other than that, tables and chairs are fully clothed – proper, nicely taught off table cloth. If you have not already guessed it yet, Oriental Pavilion Restaurant is a restaurant one would have their wedding dinner at or a huge budget birthday celebration. Also, the staff are not just good but top trained. So, in terms of service it is top class. Popular for dim sum, one does not need much explanation on that, the usuals are served here – with a twist, appearance and presentation of the not just dim sum, but other dishes as well is unique but elegant.

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