Old School Puchong

It is no doubt that everybody loves a good bowl of laksa from time to time. Nothing is better than a bunch of noodles served in a sour and spicy broth with vegetables and some fish all served in a bowl. Unfortunately, many places serving laksa has strayed away from this recipe and added their own unique flair to the dish, thus not making it laksa anymore. But Old School in Puchong, They still stuck to the same concept and recipe of what makes a simple bowl of laksa great.

Old School delves into the world of Western Cuisine, but isn't afraid to fuse together another cuisine along with it. Both their signature chicken chop and pork chop is tender is juicy served alongside with wedge-cut potato fries and coleslaw, a small dish of Old School's special is served with the dish as well. They also serve nasi lemak the traditional way, but there are also variants with pork and chicken chops. Additionally, burgers are also served with the same pork and chicken chops and sandwiched with charcoal buns.

On their laksa, you can be sure they taste exactly the same as they did it back in the old days  when the laksa is the next biggest thing in Malaysia. You still get the strong fish taste mixed in spicy and sour flavours and topped off with a single piece of mackerel.

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